29 April Р1 May 2019 | Canberra, Australia

Stream one:

Systems Thinking, Modelling & Simulation
  • Systems Thinking Principles and Application
  • SE Competencies and Certification
  • Improving Capability Definition, Delivery, Safety and Security
  • MBSE application and evolution


Stream Two:

Test & Evaluation
  • Verification & Validation
  • Integration & Accreditation
  • Operational Test and Evaluation
  • Modifications to fielded capability


Stream Three:

Major Programs & Complex Systems
  • Cyber Security, Information and Telecommunication
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Environmental Health and Protection
  • Integration of Project Management and Systems Engineering

Stream four:

Emerging and Enabling Technologies
  • Autonomous & Cooperative Systems
  • Automation, Smart Cities and the IoT
  • Energy Generation and Transmission
  • Healthcare, Informatics & Analytics


Refereed Papers

Refereed papers are invited for oral presentations, aligned with the conference theme and emphasis areas and are subject to formal peer review by the Conference Technical Committee.

Industry Presentations (Non-refereed)

Non-refereed presentations are less formal than refereed papers and are reviewed by the Conference Technical Committee for inclusion in the program, but are not subject to the peer- review process for refereed papers.

Tutorials and Training Sessions

These sessions provide training or knowledge transfer on a specific topic relevant to SE knowledge and practice aligned with the Conference theme and emphasis areas.

Panels and Forums

This format encourages the exchange of ideas and experiences on various SE subjects by researchers, practitioners and other experts. Persons with differing points-of-view are encouraged to create a dialogue and promote interaction with participants.

Exhibition of Tools and Services

Provide the opportunity to demonstrate products and services relevant to SE enterprises and practitioners, students and academics.

Key Dates

23 Oct, 2018 – Call for one page-abstracts (Refereed and Non-refereed)

7 Jan, 2019 – Updated Abstracts Submission deadline

21 Jan, 2019 – Notification of abstract acceptance (All Abstracts)

17 Feb 2019 – Submission of full papers deadline (Refereed, Tutorial, Panel)

4 Mar 2019 – Notification of full paper acceptance

18 Mar 2019 – Registration closes for presenting authors

Presenters, Session Chairpersons and Panellists need to be registered to attend the conference. All presenters will receive a discounted rate for registration

Submission of abstracts is now open!

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