• HelixIQ


  • Building on the deep global education and workforce development experience of our founders, HelixIQ has been established to be THE single one-stop-shop for enabling skills development for individuals and organisational workforces.

    For the Systems Engineering professional community, we have now configured our platform with the INCOSE competency standards so you can obtain your own ‘Skills Passport’ linked to our Learning Support Platform. In this way we support your skills development needs through tools, knowledge and training that is targetedpersonalised and practice-based.

    Our Helix Skills EngineÔ applies advanced data analytics and machine learning to create an easy to use and personalised Learning Support Marketplace. Built in conjunction with a number of Australia’s largest private and public sector organisations, our solutions are configured to support the specific problems faced by our customers in translating knowledge into practice.

    Our platform provides a systemised way for targeting education to the required role-specific skills of individuals throughout the career journey.

    Our different solution configurations also allow organisations to better manage workforce development that focuses on learning support and competency management across the entire workforce

    We have a singular focus on meeting the demand for value-adding to the education experience by aiding individuals to build specific and measurable career-relevant skills through life-long learning.